Virtually Maybe (2005)

Drawings about truth and fiction on the internet

“Bronwyn Smith’s series of pencil drawings Virtually Maybe explores the naive acceptance and cynical skepticism of truth in today’s digital culture. The drawings, arranged on the wall not unlike spam windows that pop up unexpectedly on a computer screen, are carefully sketched copies of images derived from suspect Internet sites. Smith’s study of the Internet images, carefully depicted to the pixel, suggests a paradox. The irony being that a fresh perspective and questioning of sophisticated computer communication can be obtained via the traditional technique and physical act of cross hatching in pencil. Indeed the simplicity and candidness of the drawings suggests a sincere search or testing of truth among a seductive bombardment of glowing pixels that claim extraordinary realities.”

— Bruce E. Phillips, accompanying text for Draw’n’


Suite of 18 drawings. All 2B graphite on acid-free paper. Sizes vary between A3, A4 and A5.

Humster, H420 x W297mm (A3)

Stratosphere, H297 x W420mm (A3)

Fat Blast/Pottermania, H210 x W297mm (A4)

Pointer, H297 x W210mm (A4)

Goatse, H210 x W297mm (A4)

Giant Squid, H420 x W297mm (A3)

Time Machine, H297 x W420mm (A3)

Enliten Your Body, H210 x W297mm (A4)

Invisibility Diagram, H297 x W420mm (A3)

Emoto, H420 x W297mm (A3)

Harlequin Foetus, H297 x W420mm (A3)

Vlaugra, H210 x W297mm (A4)

Cymatics, H210 x W148mm (A5)

Mars Rover, H297 x W420mm (A3)

Bonsai Kitten, H420 x W297mm (A3)

Alice, H297 x W210mm (A4)

Foetus Hand, H297 x W420mm (A3)

Videotape, H210 x W148mm (A5)


Draw’n’ (2006)

110 Devon St New Plymouth, 24-25 June 2006

Curators: Bruce Phillips and Justin Morgan

Exposure: Massey University Graduate Exhibition (2005)

Massey University Wellington, 11-19 November 2005

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