old brick; good-bye (2015)

old brick good-bye

an old brick made on Pukeahu

from clay sourced on-site embedded back in the clay of Pukeahu pointing towards the tree that once was or may still be

a miniature diplomatic-sized flag patchworked together with pieces cut from two flags blue-red-white-black hung in a studio window

A response to this article.

Created for the exhibition The levelling of Pukeahu, an Enjoy Public Art Gallery offsite project curated by Emma Ng, 7 Mar 2015 - 21 Mar 2015.

A twitter-facilitated series of events that followed:

I cooked and ate the tree (well, part of it anyway). It tasted a bit like artichoke, but stringy. Not too bad when it was freshly cooked (boiled in salted water), but bitter when it was cold.

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