Whisper Down The Lane (2012)

WDTL final install 600px Whisper Down The Lane, 2012. Photo: Lance Cash

Winner: 2012 NZ Open Source Award (Arts Section)

Whisper Down The Lane was developed as part of the exhibition The Obstinate Object: Contemporary New Zealand Sculpture at City Gallery Wellington, New Zealand (24 February – 10 June 2012). Over the course of the exhibition a series of twelve digital 3D models and miniature 3D prints were made of selected works in The Obstinate Object in collaboration with designers Antony Pelosi and Nick Graham. The files for each object are available for download, and may also be purchased as 3D prints in a limited edition of 20.

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Each work in the series is available as part of a limited edition of 20, specially produced by the artist. The models are being manufactured in New Zealand using the Open Source RepRap 3D printer. All purchases come with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Stocks are limited! Please contact us here to enquire about obtaining an editioned print.

Free Downloads

The files for these models have been released for free download under a Creative Commons License. This license lets you download, share and remix the works non-commercially as long as you credit them as specified and apply the same license to your new work. Access all free downloads here, or scroll down for individual links.

List of works

After David Cross’ Lean

lean 400k 01Snap00 lean promo1 800px lean promo2 800px lean 800px

Approx. printed dimensions 225 x 112 x 79mm

After Glen Hayward’s Open Circuit (security camera)

OpenCircuitCameraSnap00 OpenCircuit Camera1 OpenCircuit Camera2 OpenCircuit SecurityCameras

Approx. printed dimensions 70 x 50 x 90mm

After Ben Pearce’s *Curse Control


Final CurseControlSnap00 cursecontrol promo1 800px cursecontrol promo2 800px curse control

Approx. printed dimensions 123 x 63 x 82mm

After Bekah Carran’s Dawn In The New Age (pendant)

DawnInTheNewAge snap800px DawnInTheNewAge promo1 800px DawnInTheNewAge promo2 800px DawnInTheNewAge

Approx. printed dimensions

Total length of beads: 280mm

Width of base pendant: 90mm

Length of wire: variable

After Seung Yul Oh’s _Guulddook (drape) _

table 70mmSnap00 guulddook promo800px guulddook 800px

Approx. printed dimensions 106 x 102 x 67mm

After Glen Hayward’s Open Circuit (road cone)

OpenCircuitRC Snap00 OpenCircuitRC promo1 800px OpenCircuitRC 800px

Approx. printed dimensions 45 x 45 x 70mm

After Rohan Wealleans’ He With Glands of Wasp

hewithglandsofwasp Snap00 hewithglandsofwasp promofront 800px hewithglandsofwasp promoback 800px hewithglandsofwasp 800px1

Approx. printed dimensions 170 x 85 x 50mm

After Raewyn Martyn’s For Loan

forloan digitalsnap 800px forloan promo 1067px forloan promo folded 800px forloan source800px

NB: Each stool is fitted with a unique canvas seat painted by Raewyn Martyn.

Approx. printed dimensions 75 x 46 x 55mm

After Glen Hayward’s _The Covers Self-Titled Album _

TheCovers digitalsnap 800px TheCovers promo3 800px TheCovers promo4 800px TheCovers KateWhitely

Approx. printed dimensions 50 x 52 x 51mm

After Rohan Wealleans’ _He Of 109 Names And One Tusk _

elephant legsSnap01 HeOf109Names promo front 800px HeOf109Names promo back 800px heof109names 800px

Approx. printed dimensions 103 x 101 x 173mm

After Rohan Wealleans’ Janicot Vader

JanicotVaderSnap00 janicot promo front 800px janicot promo back 800px janicotvader 800px

Approx. printed dimensions 60 x 80 x 210mm

After Paul Maseyk’s Portrait of the artist on a young horse

partbSnap01 partaSnap00 maseykpot promoimage 800square maseykbase promoimage 800square maseykboth promoimage 800square1 portraitoftheartist 800px

Approx. printed dimensions

Pot: 65 x 92 x 70mm

Base: 50 x 50 x 154mm

Both: 65 x 92 x 224mm

Further information

Thanks to Vik Olliver, Ant Pelosi, Nick Graham, Aaron Lister, Abby Cunnae and the artists who have lent their work to this project.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 New Zealand License


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